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Practicing law for the Seventh-day Adventist Church affords our legal team the unique opportunity to enjoy the full gamut of legal practice within a climate of ministry for the Church. Our lawyers and staff members are committed to the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and attempt to accomplish the mission we have been challenged with as lawyers within the Office of General Counsel.


Note: All lawyers in the Office of General Counsel limit their practices to Seventh-day Adventist® Church clients.

Karnik Doukmetzian, General Counsel

Practice areas:  General corporate matters, commercial transactions and non-profit law.  Areas of emphasis include corporate governance, General Conference institutions, legal reviews, litigation management, counsel to General Conference and Division officers and institutions. 

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Jennifer Gray Woods, Associate General Counsel

Practice areas:  Trademark, Copyright, and Intellectual Property.

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Todd R. McFarland, Associate General Counsel

Practice areas:  Church-state relations (first amendment), religious discrimination (employment, zoning, land use and other religious rights issues).  Areas of emphasis include religious liberty, litigation, and departmental activities.

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Josue Pierre, Associate General Counsel

Practice areas:  Contracts, Transactions, Real Estate, Parliamentary Procedure, Purchasing and Procurement.

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Thomas E. Wetmore, Associate General Counsel

Practice areas:  Pension/employee benefits, tax, employment, corporate and general nonprofit law.  Areas of emphasis include Treasury, pensions, taxes, tax exempt organizations, human resources/employee benefits, litigation management, GC and NAD institutions and departmental activities.

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